Covid 19

IMPORTANT - Notice to Customers

Dear Customer

S. Johnson & Co is taking the spread of Coronavirus extremely seriously.  Our business is open as usual but, as you’d expect, our number one priority remains the wellbeing and safety of our customers and colleagues.

We are following Government advice and will be operating a skeleton staff mainly based from home at present.

If you need to speak to us, we ask if you can please email us on in the first instance. We WILL telephone you back - it may be a call from our main office or a member of staff working remotely.

Please bear with us - there has been a high call volume. We do recommend that you check out the latest Covid 19 information below and please read right to the bottom.

We will continue to monitor the situation and respond to the official daily advice.  Please remember to check your junk email folders just in case any emails from us or insurers have been redirected inadvertently.

Thank you for helping us with this.

Steve, Graham and the Team



Insurance companies design their policies to respond to frequently occurring events an example of which is fire. Insurance polices are developed to respond to demand from the public and from businesses as well as providing statutory cover. There are exceptions to this where many policies will not provide cover for frequently occurring but overwhelming events and an example of this is war. There are occasions when it is possible to buy insurance cover for significant events and an example of this is Terrorism cover - although the take up rate is very low.


In general there are relatively few policies in the UK which will respond to pandemics, however……


On the 15th. January 2021 The judgment in the Supreme Court on the FCA’s business interruption test case substantially allowed the FCA’s appeals and dismissed the insurers appeals; this is likely to affect our clients who hold policies with Hiscox primarily.


If you are a Hiscox Policyholder


Please be aware that only a few UK insurers have been affected by this judgement and at this stage we have heard from Hiscox with other insurers still considering their positions.


The following applies to Hiscox policyholders only:


If you have not already registered a claim:



Please ensure you have your policy number to hand.



VERY IMPORTANT - Hiscox Covid 19 Business Interruption Claims update 11.08.2021.

Please note the following:

If you have already registered a claim but NOT ON THE PORTAL, please note following update from Hiscox:

Hiscox have advised us that the quickest way for them to deal with claims is if they  are registered via their online portal even if a claim has previously been registered with them verbally or by email. This is because Hiscox have looked at their systems and decided that gathering information in a uniform fashion will enable them to more quickly evaluate and proceed to the next stage.   This does not mean that you cannot speak to them to register a claim but it does mean that the portal route is likely to elicit the fastest response.

Please follow link: Hiscox Business Interruption claims portal


If you are unable to use the portal, or require some additional assistance in submitting full financial details or have any queries, please telephone Hiscox on 01206 773 941. Please make sure you have your policy number to hand.


If you have ALREADY REGISTERED A CLAIM ON PORTAL, you will be hearing from Hiscox shortly.  We now understand that Hiscox have appointed over 100 Loss Adjusters to deal with claims on an individual basis.   You may therefore receive a phone call from a loss adjuster or an email, if you have security concerns following such contact, we suggest that you call Hiscox back on the above number to verify its legitimacy.


Our further understanding of the Hiscox process is that the Loss Adjuster who has been appointed may decide to offer you an interim payment at their discretion; it is our belief that if you accept this interim payment it will offset any final settlement, however it apparently cannot be ‘clawed back’ in the event of your claim not proceeding or being assessed at an amount lower than the interim payment.  You should carefully read any narrative accompanying any offered interim payment.


We know these evolving processes are frustrating and we will of course assist where possible - please bear with us.


Please note that we are of course happy to help but with the number of clients affected we do feel that your quickest way forward for you to input the information directly in the portal rather than submitting via ourselves.  As well as this Hiscox are likely to have further questions specific to your business and our being involved in the chain (rather you answering such queries directly) could cause delays.  Of course, having said this if you have looked at the portal and have queries please call us – we are attempting to have as many staff on the phones as possible.



What do I do if I have my claim refused?


We are seeing some claims being settled by Hiscox whilst others are being refused; there are a large number of people involved in the claims process and our concern is to ensure that a consistent approach be taken when claims departments are dealing with our clients.


  • If you are told your claim will not be paid and you disagree, please make the insurer aware of this and lodge a complaint – either email or telephone – and ask them to put their reasons for refusing the claim in writing and to confirm that this is their final response.


  • We then suggest that you email us a copy and call us to discuss. 


We are discussing options and if an appeal to Hiscox is turned down we are likely to suggest that you then refer your claim onto the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and more detail can be found by following this link: or You can register your claim online and you will receive a confirmatory email. 


Whilst this is in process we will collate details of any claims refused which have been notified to us; we will then evaluate the reasons for refusals and any trends.  We are not able to discuss individual claims with the Ombudsman but we will be able to discuss our clients claims as a whole with reference to the correct interpretation of the Court rulings.


We do understand that this is stressful for you – please bear with us and note that every call or email will be responded to.


If you hold a policy with an insurer other than Hiscox


For those clients holding policies with insurers other than Hiscox, you may wish to approach your insurer to discuss your position since all policies will be considered on their individual merits. 

Insurer Links:


Allianz - 0344 412 9988 /

Allianz Musical - 0844 391 4051 /

AVIVA - 0345 300 5941/

AXA - 0345 600 2716 /

Hiscox - see above information

RSA (Royal Sun Alliance) - 0345 300 4006 /

Zurich - 0800 302 9055 /

For our Music Trade related clients more useful information can be found at


We appreciate this has already taken a long time and that it may be frustrating but please do bear with us and insurers through this next stage.


Useful links:


Association of British Insurers 

'Ordinary' Claims

We are still dealing with normal claims on an ongoing basis. We have seen claims for theft, fire and flood in recent weeks. In the case of all types of claims, as noted above record keeping is key. Please ensure that your business records (purchases, sales, inventory etc) are up to date and duplicates kept away from the business premises.

Important Info regarding Hiscox      claims portal (24.02.2021) - see pdf